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Sixth Plate


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“SARAH MONICA MATTHEWS”. And “age 30” were etched on the surface of the silvered sixth plate palette. Sarah sat (too bad there weren?t seashells instead of books on the tinted tablecloth) with her hands clasped together. It has been mentioned by others that those black pieces of fabric on her wrists had to do with death and dying. Ms. Matthews looks healthy to me and didn?t seem to be distraught in any way. Naturally, it was unusual for a daguerreian to etch a plate. This must have been a special request before the piece was finished. I wish that the cover of her very fancy leather push button case was present, if only to see the handiwork on the front. The reverse was embossed in gold with a large bouquet of flowers. I wonder if that solitary line on her arm and sleeve that disappears when SMM is inspected, was a slip of the stylus? There are mat scrapes on the right side. And a couple mold spiders too. This is a very black and white image with added colors.