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Those fingers were twisted in angst as the children’s parent watched in abject horror while two offspring moved during the exposure for their sixth plate daguerreotype. Someone once noted that every picture tells a story. This retaped gem has more than one tale to relate. When the resealed portrait is studied in good light, one leg of a wooden tripod is visible on the left side of the middle-aged child. Beyond that in the shadow near the dark drop is a medium sized wooden box. A chair turned backwards was the oldest sister’s “head and body restraint”! The youngest gal was free standing with only a hand on her shoulder that possibly might have anchored her in place. It didn’t seem to help because she moved during the entire time the lens was uncapped and the essence of the kids was being transferred to the sensitized silver plane. Outstanding deep depth and pristine condition contribute to the value of the very strange but perfectly endearing portrait that is held in the bottom of a leather case decorated with two lilies.