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Sixth Plate


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THEY BOTH KNEW . . . That mom had placed her hands on top of that chair. Starting with the boy, whose expression was less than likeable, if we look closely near is neck on the right side, the vertical shadow was a post supporting a head restraint. That wide black belt belonged to the daguerreotypist and was tightly secured around the kid?s waist to hold him in place. His younger sister was NOT HAPPY! Enough said? Fear of flight was in the minds of mother and the camera operator. Have you ever observed a babe with more coiled up energy in a retaped sixth plate image? Excellent contrast and deep depth plus light from above suggest the siblings were taken by a man who knew his trade. He improvised nicely when he positioned the little gal on a stool and supported her head with that bunched up cloth in that adult sized chair. Most noticeable is the brown dot on the boy?s tunic, two pinpricks on his forehead and those blue circles in the drop. Patina hugs the inside of the brass circle. A complete leather case finishes the package.