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Sixth Plate


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WHAT WAS IT? The lad was either startled or almost catatonic while his tiny frame was turned away from the lens during the exposure of his archivally sealed sixth plate portrait. His tinted hand bounced on his thigh and part of his long locks flew away from his head. Maybe a gust of wind whipped through an open window during the moment of truth! Before I forget, there is a healthy ding next to the brown dot just above the tip of the chair?s neatly sculpted wooden frame. A couple other small discolorations are present plus a slight area of decay near his freckled cheeks. The boy?s coal black eyes absorbed the brilliant illumination that entered the room from overhead. His features were perfectly rendered though and the remarkable holographic depth could not have been replicated with anymore astonishing results! His face was also hand colored. I don?t know what that dark squiggle on his shirt cuff is nor do I understand why that mat scrape exists so far inside the oval. Fine patina fills the periphery of the piece that is held in a separated leather case.