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This might just be one of the all time best ever seen in a resealed sixth plate daguerreotype. Resembling a long slithering serpent tightly knotted in the center (the cloth) was tinted blue and red while the white occurred naturally. Ah, the gent must have been a true Patriot!!! You know folks, since the fellow was taken circa 1851, he may well have been celebrating the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence! Well it makes perfect sense to me! His wide eyes peered out of deep caves of flesh and bone topped by an ample forehead and free-flowing wavy hair. What a handsome mouth he had, supported by a broad solid chin tickled underneath with a low trimmed beard. That was actually a scuff on the fabric on his jacket on the edge of his shoulder. I also noticed that the edges of the gent?s vest were well worn. He had an outstanding countenance! There is oxidation around the subject, who is kept in a leather case with a professionally repaired spine. The condition is excellent!