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Sixth Plate


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IT WAS MAGICAL! The players were magnificent, but it was the illumination and exemplary condition that catapulted the archivally conserved sixth plate portrait into the stratosphere! Have you every seen such a demonstrative little girl posed for her daguerreotype? One arm was around her gorgeous almost coquettish mother?s neck while the other limb was so dramatically thrust outwards away from her tiny body! The light that bathed the pair was so perfect that both faces were presented with lifelike flawlessness! The gauzy ghostly line above mom and daughter was either the top of the backdrop support or some sort of reflector. The myriad of white specks resembled the Milky Way on a moonless night. In actuality, they were naturally occurring daguerreian frosting. Their likeness has a quality beyond the boundaries of what seemed possible to create during the daguerreian era. Surrounded by beautiful patina, the twosome are seen with such amazing depth and clarity that I wonder if any other small keepsake could equal this monumental effort? The subtle toning and awesome contrast are simply superlative! The complete leather case has a delightfully embossed red plush pad opposite the pair.