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If care is taken while examining their depth defying silver surface holding a superbly fashioned archivally taped sixth plate any person will observe freckles on the youngster’s forehead. A quick glance at the handsome father’s face or on his large hand that held his sad little girl reveals the source of those skin pigmentations. I see emptiness in his daughter’s eyes that should have been sparkling. Puffiness underneath is a telltale signal that either she didn’t sleep well prior to her visit or she was ill at the moment of recorded truth. Her tiny lips are slightly parted. That matted down hair suggests that she was perspiring when it was combed. The position of her arm on dad’s while she loosely grasped his thumb seems awkward. The gentleman’s offspring was not animated when they posed for their likeness. Now that I look closer at him, there is worry in his eyes and wariness in his expression. She might have been near death and her parents decided that it was imperative to have images made before she passed away. I had to work diligently to partially reproduce the subtle colors on their flesh, his yellow spotted bowtie, her red seed necklace and light blue dress. Consequently father’s white shirt turned too blue and of course, while the outstanding contrast is noticeable, that awesome holographic magic is not. Casey expertly added a new leather spine to their case that has a classical view of the arts as the primary theme. Inside is a rust toned velvet pad pressed with a floral motif.