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Sixth Plate


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HE WAS THE WINNER! It is so obvious why the young pugilist walked into an unknown daguerreian?s gallery circa 1850 to have this noteworthy archivally sealed sixth plate executed. The operator was probably quietly laughing when he asked the guy to sit sideways and rest his arm across the top of the chair. That dot on his smallest finger was picked to simulate a diamond on a tiny pinky ring. The subject placed one leg over the other and seemed to be relaxed . . . although the steely glint in his eyes and that rather determined expression might have meant more about his actual mentality. Using a loupe I can see faint black lines and a couple deeper buff strokes on the tough guy?s face. Never the less, this piece has exceptional depth. There are pair of white dots upper right and a few specks elsewhere. Part of the latch on the complete leather case is broken off.