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Sixth Plate


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A SURVIVOR! The woman on the left appears to have contracted small pox when she was younger. It was a deadly virus in the mid-19th century. She obviously managed to survive. Her face is covered with the lasting remnants of the disease, unsightly pockmarks. Her companion managed to avoid that plague. I have owned the brilliantly made likeness for six years and every time I remove the detached cover of the leather case I wonder why these gals were dressed so conservatively in identical clothing. Were they part of a certain sect in Southern Ohio? An unknown hand used a pencil to write, ?W.H. Waldron Artist, Middletown, Ohio, May 1854?, underneath their image. Mr. Waldron’s technique was simply stupendous! His use of an artist’s palette to richly tint their flesh tones and the blue tablecloth is very impressive. The resealed sixth plate completely changes hues when the dag is held and turned. It has mystical properties. These girls want to reach out and touch someone! They resided in my permanent collection until recently. Some of the younger children began to complain. Apparently, the ?fright factor? overwhelmed the youngsters that were kept in the same archival box. Anyway, here is an opportunity to purchase an incredible portrait made in a town a few miles north of Cincinnati. There are mat scrapes on the right and swirling patina.