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Sixth Plate


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EXPOSED TO THE WEATHER! I bet you thought my tag line would relate to this fellow?s ginormous ear! Admittedly, that thick auricle did cause my gray matter to go momentarily into overdrive, however, I was even more taken by the man?s coppery complexion and bulging black eyes highlighted by a large light source from above the subject. Honestly, the gent?s elongated nose, angular face and thick lips were rather odd and fascinating too. I would really have liked an introduction when he was taken on a retaped sixth plate circa 1852. Applied red pigments on his sunburned countenance emphasized his leathery skin. The tonality of the likeness was outstanding and at the correct viewing angle this is a crackling fine vision on silver. There is tarnish on the holographic piece and little else has occurred during the past 164 years! Only the bottom of a leather case remains.