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Sixth Plate


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LOVE THEIR LIPS! Initially my mind thought how neat is that, the daguerreotypist boldly tinted each gal’s mouth after he completed their archivally taped sixth plate likeness? Then I began to admire the young beauty’s lovely large eyes looking at the lens and away simultaneously. (Actually the lass may have had a myriad of talents, but the reflected light in her radiant orbs created her perceived ability to have an abnormal visual acuity) She had a cute face filled with teeny freckles, a small nose and those large luscious lips. Talk about a perfectly formed pair! The boldness of her dress was slightly muted with a crossed cloth collar. It was secured by a tiny rectangular pin that might have contained a miniature dag. Not only did the maker tint it with gold he also added that color to her friend’s jewelry. Speaking of the other girl, who held hands with the heartthrob, she had a rather reticent expression. Aren’t both their flesh tones just divine? Folks at the correct viewing angle, these gals are PERFECT! The depth is really holographic and the contrast is marvelous. You really won’t notice the mold spiders. A slender ribbon of oxidation flows evenly against the mat. The intact leather case has a Delicate Roses theme circa 1847.