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Sixth Plate


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ABOUT TO WHIP BROTHER! Why is this young girl engaged in such an intense looking pose? Probably because she told her younger brother that he?d get a whipping if he didn?t behave! With her eyes partially open and looking absent-mindedly in the direction of her brother, past the camera, she grasped an ivory and feathered fan in both hands. Her right hand covers the handle, while the other hand is open with the end resting on it. Her ears are pierced and she wears large drooping earrings. Her dress is patterned with some sort of flower. The black mark on her face is not a fault on the plate, but actually a mole or it could be a fly because it is blurry. Her brother is altogether another story because of how he is reacting to the possibility of a punishment. His hands are clenched on the arms of a wicker chair, as he seems ready to receive a rap from his sister. With his forlorn look and plain stare, you can tell he?s a bit apprehensive about the entire procedure. The kid wears a dingy looking coat that is fully buttoned down the middle, pants that look a little too large for him, and little shoes that might not even be tied. He should figure out how to lace them up soon, so he can run away as fast as he can. A few minor mat abrasions are present, as well as tarnish, but the retaped sixth plate is in super condition, and held in a whole leather case of geometric design with a repaired leather spine.