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Sixth Plate


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ENLARGED HAT! Placing any type of chapeau close to the camera?s lens would naturally create some distortion. Could this gent have been a Hatelier? Yep I just made up that word, but you knew what I meant right? He was so proud of this creation that capturing his countenance on a restored sixth plate was secondary. You know, since everything is exactly doubled, I think that the man?s maker might have nudged his camera ever so slightly during the exposure. Surely a fellow of the subject?s stature and comportment wouldn?t have moved! The wild golden circles on his shirt and pinky finger happened during aging process after gold had been applied, as did the crazy patterned patina! I like the guy?s demonstrative pose and his serious expression below those all-seeing eyes! The likeness has deep depth. The leather case has an old and adequate hinge repair.