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Sixth Plate


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EVEN AFTER . . . The silver was cleaned by an unknown method the woman’s flesh tones are still impressive. Naturally, one would expect this result from the studio of Charles Williamson located a 289 Fulton St. in Brooklyn NY. His gallery was responsible for her awesome sixth plate portrait taken in profile and recently archivally taped. Not only were the Williamson brothers superb colorists, using layers of pigments to create realistic hues, they were also highly skilled in all the other ingredients necessary to make absolutely top tier daguerreotypes. The contrast is unsurpassed. There is sumptuous tonality and astounding holographic depth. The focus on her hair and freckled face was perfect. While all those blue dots will be less noticeable when a fine whole push button leather case, with exterior brass hinges is opened you will see the mat scrapes on the right side. There is a vertical rub in the gray tarnish next to the mat above the “C. H. Williamson”. And if you look very carefully you might even notice a tiny crimp above the subject’s head in that endless darkness surrounding her.