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Stranger and Stranger!


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STRANGE AND STRANGER! The man wore a monocle or was it a magnifying lens on a string around his neck! Did he turn his body and handsome head at an angle away from the camera to insure that the reproduction on the mirror of well-polished silver revealed that earring? Because the light entered the room from directly behind the uncapped lens the camera and possibly the daguerreotypist were silhouetted in the fellow’s eyes! However, while all that is interesting, the curiosities continued! A salt print of woman trimmed from a CDV sized portrait had been placed underneath the lad. When I removed it to place the piece in an archival sleeve, a primitive drawing of a woman in the bottom of the complete sixth sized leather case completed the presentation of this group of images. There are scratches on the gent’s forehead and also on his jacket?s sleeve. Rich blue shades of oxidation mimic the mat’s shape. The remainder of the specks and flecks are not so noticeable as seen in my reproduction. Creamy tonality, strong contrast and deeply reflected depth all add to the beauty of this odd presentation.