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Sound Asleep, Sixth Plate Dag


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SOUND ASLEEP! When the superlatives end I will continue to express enthusiastic joy in describing this remarkable family so elegantly posed for their early sixth plate remembrance. The proud father sat next to his attractive and very inquisitive spouse who is cradling their sleeping younger offspring. What a tableau! The best component is their daughter, wide-eyed and pleased to be in the group photo. She was placed with such precision. Hovering just above her sibling’s head and canting towards her mom the little lass actually smiled for the photographer! He had a magical control of the illumination and a perfect understanding of daguerreian alchemy. The operator took an expertly polished blank silvered surface that has been resealed and created an extraordinary family grouping. The whites are pure and the blacks shine with abundant radiance. The monumental holographic depth almost exceeds imagination. The oxidation inside the elegant black paper mat, stamped with an outstanding gold arabesque design, is deep shades of blue. There is one teeny buff mark on dad’s nose that has turned black and a couple specks. The delicate roses leather case has a repaired hinge. The next collector will be very pleased!