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Sixth Plate


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IN HIS PANTS POCKET! I won?t make any snide comments about the placement of the wayward man?s hand! It was part of his dramatic pose. But of course, you instantly realized that when you enlarged the restored sixth plate that had been recently cleaned to reveal outstanding reflected depth and rich tonality, along with the handsome fellow who decided to stand for his portrait. If only the aging process hadn?t been quite so cruel to the silvered surface! ?W. F. Monfort Photographer Bardstown KY? was imprinted on the reverse. (Please see the second scan). I found three daguerreians with the same last name but all had galleries in the north and the earliest fellow began operations in 1858! This piece was probably taken at least 10 years early. If W. F. was responsible (and honestly, I am doubtful, but can?t explain the reason for the identification, unless the subject WAS Mr. Monfort) he created an elegant reproduction of the gent. A full leather case comes with the likeness.