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Sixth Plate


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“GEORGIANA GARDNER . . . My father’s sister, who died at the age of twelve from scarlet fever.” “Written by Grace G. Hixon? Those two inscriptions on a piece of dull orange colored paper come with the youthful ballerina who wore her dance slippers and full costume when she curtsied for an unknown daguerreotypist while he produced and finished her magnificent archivally sealed sixth plate portrait with tinting. She is kept in a common complete leather case that was popular circa 1851. The surface of the image has some spotty tarnish and a couple mat marks on the right side. An amazing aspect of the child’s dag is her checkered overskirt that changes hues from lime green to a neutral gray. I’m not certain that any pigments were painted there either. Naturally the tragic part of this incredibly rare piece is the poignant information that tells us Georgiana died tragically like so many other children in the 19th century; probably less than two years after her delightful daguerreotype was made. As an added bonus, if MORE was necessary, a damaged sixth plate ambrotype copy, most likely made shortly after the lovely lass passed on is included. Please see the second scan.