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Sixth Plate


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“L. B. WHITE”. Who ever “made up” the leather case for Mr. White’s spectacular retaped sixth plate daguerreotype was a bit deficient in counting the leaves on the stems of the delicate roses theme. The reverse had four and six while the cover had four and seven. Either design would help accurately date this delightful male likeness. The tinting looks much better when the rich and reflective portrait is tilted to the perfect viewing angle. Speaking about perfection, could a daguerreotype have survived approximately 170 years and still have such a pristine and sparkling silver surface? Friend White wore his salt and pepper beard neatly trimmed. His hair was combed, with a few unwieldy strands sticking out, adding a unique character to his pleasant constitution. The tones in his lovely likeness are really exceptional! The two halves of the case are adhered with a piece of cloth. Patina follows the outline of the octagonal brass mat.