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Sixth Plate


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WARY OF THE PROCEDURE! He had lived his long life cautiously and when his family insisted that he visit a daguerreian to have a retaped sixth plate made, ?err his shadow fade from the earth?, the man did so with a bit of trepidation. His operator smoothly asked the fellow to sit sideways on an unseen piece of furniture. The camera lens had been prefocused and the remarkable light, entering the room from the right was aimed directly upon the client. A large white reflector diminished any shadows and this stellar daguerreotype was quickly accomplished. Most remarkable was the crisp rendering of the gentleman?s face crowned by strands of a thinning white mane! Those suspicious eyes watched the operator closely. There was still a wonderful vibrant spark in the chap?s constitution that permits us to enjoy him today. The condition and quality of the piece are both outstanding. That black mark in the drop and a couple hazy white areas aren?t noticeable when the complete leather case is opened and this holographic image is fully appreciated. Fine oxidation hugs the oval opening.