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Sixth Plate


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BRILLIANTLY DONE! Ask a very handsome blossoming man to sit for a highly skilled itinerant daguerreotypist on a perfect dag making day and this might have been the results on a freshly sealed sixth plate. You might ask, ?Why do you thinks the operator was not shooting in a fixed location?? Well, the wrinkled backdrop suggested that it was stored while he was in transit then unfolded and hung on the back wall of a small space. Since a sliver of the reflector was visible on the right side, and the light lit the lad from the upper left, I think the maker wasn?t concerned about the cloth being seen. He produced an exceptional reproduction of his natty client. He even added pale red paint on his face and lips. The fellow watched the entire event while the dark slide was pulled and the lens uncapped without moving. He folded his large hands in his lap. The marks on the background were actually flaws from the chemistry the day he was taken circa 1849. Stupendous deep holographic depth and awesome contrast plus great tonality will impress when the cover of his separated leather case is removed!