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Sixth Plate


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“ELIZABETH WHALON MILLER”. Her gnarled and splayed fingers were dramatically displayed across the cover of that book Elizabeth was given as a prop. Make no mistake, her maker knew what he was about when he crafted this resealed sixth plate. I suspect that one of the lady?s eyes was a bit wonky. The operator positioned the woman seated away from the back of the overstuffed posing chair and asked her to lean slightly in the direction of the table covered by a tinted cloth where one arm rested. Then he perfectly positioned Ms. Miller?s head and used the rim of her glasses to mask part of that deficient orb. Having photographed thousands of people in my own career I can assure all of you that it wasn?t always easy to hide facial flaws so that a client would accept the finished results. And the cameraman also brightly bathed the elderly female with light from above. The tonality on her nearly pristine piece couldn?t have been better! Both the holographic depth and clarity are also amazing! The image is in a complete case also in like new condition. Glued to the red velvet pad inside was a small label with her name.