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Sixth Plate


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DOMED GLASS. What an effect the curvature of the glass has on this young woman?s impressive set of teeth. Not to say that this makes her less attractive, but they are rather prominent with her smile whilst she holds her breath, in order to remain still for the camera. She is beaming with pride because of her new, cute child. Attractive, yes she certainly is, but there is a rather plainness in her choice of fashions. The slight movement and subsequent ghosting of the baby?s hand contrasts with the sharpness of mom and babe. Their lovely sixth plate daguerreotype is held in a common thermoplastic case of geometric design. There is an area of hazy decay touching the pair on the right side and continuing to the edge of the mat opening. The image has been resealed, but the original dome glass was kept. Since the daguerreotype has excellent tones and contrast, you would expect wonderful holographic depth. In actuality, their reflections are beyond belief!