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Sixth Plate


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ONE WAS A REDHEAD! “Mary Stillwell with her teacher Anna Loman” was typed on a scrap of paper that accompanied this marvelous sixth plate portrait that has an archival seal. The pair are kept in a leather case with a missing cover. I suspect a very proud father thought enough of Ms. Loman tutoring his only child that he decided to hire an operator to produce their lovely likeness. Having that open book held by both sitters was significant. Each subject peered directly into the lens. Very even lighting lit the duo. The placement of Mary’s free hand on her lap was done with practiced elegance I think. Because the cloth behind them had a texture the added depth it created was a visual delight. The more I look at their nearly perfect likeness, only a blip in the patina at the top is noticeable, the stronger their personalities and pleasant expression grow on me.