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Sixth Plate


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FROM A LEOPARD? That was a wild pattern on the lad?s shirt don?t you think? Someone hid a small chair with that pretty and nicely tinted cloth while the boy sat very casually for his retaped sixth plate. The tilt of his head and a serious expression presented him to us as a lad who appeared older then he might have been. His muted brown eyes watched the entire operation with more then casual interest. I wonder how much longer in his lifetime did he wear his hair coiled in those ringlets? For his sake, I hope his mom got ?fashion religion? soon after the fully leather cased portrait was presented to her. I must say that the illumination was superbly directed upon the kid. All the remaining elements necessary to create an outstanding daguerreotype were in play. His dimpled chin added character to the child?s excellent remembrance! Faint tarnish, a few brown dots and a couple mold spiders all are near the oval mat opening.