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Sixth Plate


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WAS SHE THE ARTIST? Oh to have a full sixth plate close up of that tightly woven basket with the hand stitched flowers adorning each panel. Not that the young teenager wearing a very unusual dress style and maybe a gold painted wedding band isn’t interesting too . . . it just seems possible that I could read the embroidered letters in the bottom under the largest flower. I made a high resolution scan and laterally reversed it without being certain. I have used an 8x loupe and seen the inscription both positive and negative. I even turned the resealed piece up side down without any further luck. Either her maker had a skylight in his studio or a window very high above the camera. The illumination was quite impressive. I like the gal’s forward leaning pose and her small dark eyes scanning the operation. Pink and green were the colors used to accentuate the image. The separated leather case has red velvet piping in the picture compartment and a lush green velvet pad. The oxidation flowed away from the mat. None of the white dots are dangerous. Great reflectance pushes the subject off the chair.