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Sixth Plate


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“Wm. R. Clark . . . West Gardner MA” was penciled in the bottom of the fellow’s sixth size complete leather case with a delicate roses theme circa 1845. After restoration the only possible flaws that one could see are those very tiny mat scrapes. William?s daguerreotype has survived in perfect condition. He must have ridden his horse into Boston to have been taken. At this time period only highly skilled operators with years of experience could have crafted this gem. Superb focus, brilliant illumination and outrageous contrast are all apparent. The depth is deep and the entire silvery surface sparkles! Faint patina remains on his lips and cheeks. As an aside, I see faint polishing marks that might have indicated circular buffing initially before the more traditional horizontal application. Whatever was done during the technical side of the piece, it worked out flawlessly! Finally, too bad the daguerreian didn?t tint master Clark?s tie in true color!