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Sixth Plate


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WHERE EVIL LURKED! I know he was just a little lad when he was taken, however the kid already had such a nefarious look that certainly would have carried forward to adulthood don’t you think? The boy held his whip in a very authoritative manner; ready to flick it out backhanded if necessary. And let’s not speculate into the type of profession he might have had in later years! The silver has mat abrasions all around since someone used an 1860s piece of brass to improperly frame the angry tot when they Scotch Taped the package after they cleaned the surface. Fortunately the rascally boy survived to be part of another collection! The sixth size leather case is complete and I did proper restorative therapy! The teeniest white specks were daguerreian frosting. There is blue scum in the lower right corner. The reflected depth is over the top!