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Sixth Plate


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ULTRA MODERN. Didn?t I see her walking in Exeter yesterday, wearing a summer outfit, of course? The teenager has her hair trimmed very stylishly. She has such a familiar face. Her small dark eyes actually are looking past the camera, directly at me. I can?t ever remember observing another subject wearing similar fingerless mitts. I?m not certain of the fabric, but using a loupe, I noticed that they have delicately embroidered patterns. She is holding a marvelous Japanned daguerreotype case, that has been hand painted and embellished with pieces of mother-of-pearl. Her own sixth plate is resealed. There is a stain on her shoulder, from a previous cleaning, that is barely noticeable on the silvered surface. (You all know about my scans, they show EVERY flaw)! There are minor mat marks along the bottom. The common leather case is apart.