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Sixth Plate


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EXPLOSIVE B&W! This resealed remarkable sixth plate daguerreotype was taken by Jesse Whitehurst, most likely in his New York City Gallery, although on the inside of the complete leather case stamped on the faded red pad were the locations of his other galleries below NYC. They were: Baltimore, Richmond, Norfolk, Petersburg and Lynchburg. He was a rather prolific operator and entrepreneur to say the least. The former owner?s wife of the beautiful subject gave the gal this moniker: “PARK AVENUE PRINCESS?! And I can believe it. She never had to work a day in her life. The absolutely explosive reflected depth and extremely impressive range of contrast could not be topped. The remarkable sophistication of the sitter, who was presented so well she simply seemed glowingly lifelike, is nothing short of an astounding example of daguerreotypy. There are a few mat abrasions on the periphery along with original patina. Gold was applied to the woman?s jewelry as if she needed further embellishment!