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Sixth Plate


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ONE OF MY FAVORITES. For 10 years an archival box filled with magnificent daguerreotypes that were all part of a large collection I had purchased remained tucked away. I had offered a few for sale once, within a year after 2001 then decided to store them. Whether the over all dag market can support several of these treasures offered to all of you during the next three salon pages remains to be seen. The Williamson Brothers who operated their gallery at 249 Fulton St. in Brooklyn were consummate authorities in all aspects of the daguerreian trade. As seen in this splendid archivally sealed sixth plate portrait of siblings, they not only knew how to work with children to attain stunning results, they actually advertised that they welcomed kids and their parents. Consequently, using superlative polishing on fine silver plates and magical chemistry working harmoniously with artistic composition and inspired illumination (am I making my point quite clear) the Williamsons were able to create crown jewels presented at times in rich leather push button cases with a brass hinge covered by leather. “Williamson Bro. Brooklyn NY” was deeply embossed and centered on the cover. Even though his adorable sister fidgeted the boy remained composed, calm on the verge of smiling and resolute. Their flesh tones were delicately painted using multiple layers of pigments. I have always maintained that they were the finest colorists in American. As the children’s likeness is seen at different angles both those hues and the depth, that is holographic, are constantly changing. Teeny mat marks are in the ancient tarnish. The daguerreian frosting was created during the development in mercury. Seeing IS believing since my reproduction is only 50% of a truly visual treasure!