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Sixth Plate


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DEFINITELY FROM PHILLY. I believe that both Montgomery Simons and the Root gallery used this type of artistic arrangement to make sixth plate daguerreotypes. The lady sat behind the wooden windowsill with her arm resting across the top while she pursed her lips and focused her large round eyes directly into the daguerreotypist’s lens. Leaves, a vine and a bunch of grapes serenaded the lass during the quick exposure. All the specks and flecks resulted from wicked weeping glass. An archival preparation keeps the subject safe from further damage. Lovely natural patina forms a vignette inside the oval brass mat. Fantastic deep depth causes the gal to leap away from the finely prepared silver surface! A common thermoplastic case has a brilliant embossed green plush pad inside. There is a crack across the top rail of the dag compartment that weakens it somewhat. In fairness, I must say those spots are not nearly so noticeable when the portrait is admired in hand.