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Sixth Plate


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WHITEHURST GALLERIES . . . With locations in seven different eastern cities along with a bold Eagle and some filigree was all pressed into a now faded red velvet pad opposite the archivally taped sixth plate bust portrait of this serious character. I make no guarantee that the dag is original to the case. Erin purchased him as we are offering the package. It is obvious that his maker was a professional operator. The contrast is great and the reflective depth rocks deeply! You like sharp dags? Check out his individual hairs on his head! What is it about the teenager that lures me in? Is it his seriousness with a hint of immediacy? Tarnish follows the scalloped mat and mold spiders are also visible. The remainder of the specks and flecks are meaningless. The brilliant case repairer used black plastic tape to make a new spine. Please go here for more info about Jesse Whitehurst, who was a prolific and extremely talented daguerreotypist. His business interests were ah interesting as you will read (towards the end). Color was added to his complexion and is much better to see in hand.