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Sixth Plate


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OUR GANG. The three lads posed here for their sixth plate daguerreotype that has a new seal, appeared to be too genteel for the ?little rascals? moniker. They were so well-behaved that I am tempted to use my dag ?way back? machine to enter the studio where they were taken, walk up to them smiling and surprise each of the lads when I tousled his hair. The two boys that were seated were simply angelic in their appearances. Legs crossed and hands arranged so well. The operator even rewarded them with splashes on gold on those vests to simulate watch fobs maybe. All the youngsters directed their eyes at the camera. They also had faces covered with freckles. The boy at the point of the pyramidal composition was out of focus. That is simple to explain. The depth of field wasn?t great enough to give him the same clarity as his pals. Daguerreian frosting is very evident in the darkest realms of the perfectly exposed piece. That white object in the lower right corner was part of a much larger reflector hidden under the mat. You know readers, I must comment on their darkened hands. Those nail beds were filthy. Could these guys have been taken because the owner of a mill maybe gave a commission to a daguerreian? Just thinking out loud. Those are water stains across the top of this likeness. Wispy marks are noticeable at different viewing angles. A leather case is in two pieces.