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Sixth Plate


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AMPLE FIGURE. The sixth plate presents a dark eyed beauty that knew her way to the dinner table. No one had to persuade the poser to chow down. If only she would have allowed her tightly pulled back hair to flow loosely downwards, while caressing her Chipmunk Cheeks and heavy jowls. That would have removed at least 5 visual pounds from each side of her face, which is still attractive, if you discount her semi-bulbous nose. Never the less, she is an interesting character study; from a household that had adequate money (for her clothes) (not to buy lots of groceries)! I know what you were all thinking just then. The woman is tickled by broad patina across the bottom of the resealed mirror. There is a dark mark cutting through her head, as seen in the scan. The daguerreian added blush to her cheeks and obtained an image with fine reflective depth. Both halves of a wooden and embossed paper case remain. They aren’t attached.