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Sixth Plate


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WEDGED IN THE BOOK. The proud gent held his boy with one hand and rested the other hand on top of that tome with one finger thrust between the pages. Both subjects looked directly at the lens while the maker prepared to produce this fine retaped sixth plate portrait. He decided that broad light from above on the left coupled with a reflector would create nice details in their faces. Although the darkest areas have dag frosting I am very impressed that the daguerreotypist was able to keep detail in the man’s shirt and tie. Wasn’t he an impressive handsome fellow? His son was dressed in a fancy outfit with loose loops of fringe on his tiny shoulders that extended down to his waist, which seems to have been covered by a leather belt used to restraint recalcitrant children. The kid did have that LOOK! The line near dad’s head was caused by dried moisture. Tarnish is evident inside their octagonal brass mat. Teeny mold mites hover around dad and lad.