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Sixth Plate


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THE SNAKE . . . Was being consumed by a long necked bird balanced upon a spindly set of legs as portrayed on the leather covers of this intact nearly pristine sixth size case. Inside seated opposite a decorated red plush cushion was this attentive moon faced dark eyed lass whose gaze was seemingly directed at her maker, yet she might also have seen her very proud and handsome husband who was standing nearby. Those brightly gilded rings, on her fingers and ears, certain suggest that she was newly wedded. Two robust mold spiders and a couple smaller ones are really the only blemishes on the retaped strongly holographic surface! Underneath her likeness this notation was elegantly written on a portion of stationery: “Martha Dodge (she once took care of “Dolly”)”. I wonder how that loop of inky hued hair “escaped” from her elaborately crafted coiffure? The tinting on Martha’s face is much nicer then I was able to reproduce.