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A Grouch? Sixth Plate


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The next collector who owns this unusual, resealed sixth plate portrait can try to make sense of the titles of the tomes lying on the table underneath the subject’s arm. Were his hands really that massive or did the lens that was aimed at a downward angle towards the man create distortion? His lips seemed slightly offset, but possibly those marks on the left side of his chin (could they have been old scars) might have been responsible. The man’s hair appears to have been pasted together with bear grease. The inside edges of his brows dived towards those amazing and wondrous eyes, that seem to be focused in four directions at once, helped along by the bright reflections from the main source of light on the left and that large reflector opposite. The overall appearance of the piece is highly reflective with an earthy tonality. Lots of rouge was “rubbed” on his freckled cheeks. The intricate pick work on his six buttons was very well accomplished. There are mat marks visible and swirls of oxidation. The complete leather case has a faded red embossed plush cushion inside.