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Sixth Plate


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SIDE SADDLE. This intense, well-dressed and groomed chap was seated sideways on a small chair. He rested his wrist on top, as he remained stationery during the brief exposure. Usually, we aren?t rewarded with such a serious stare AND a rather friendly mouth. I wonder if he perplexed his friends as much as he does me? The studio operator had a high level of skills, which certainly are exhibited in the man?s sixth plate that has new seals. The surface has a couple mold spiders and a wavy white line along the lower left that might be water residue. There is also a similar mark across his vest. Patina is inside the top portion of the seldom-used style of brass mat. Fantastic 3-D effects reward a viewer who sits patiently and rotates the plate. The gent is kept is an outstanding mother of pearl case that is missing the latch. ?MEMORIAL? and a gorgeous floral theme are embossed along the length of the broad spine. As you can see in the second scan, much of the original over painting is still upon the wafer thin slices of m-o-p. The entire presentation is exceptional!