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Sixth Plate


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A RELATIVE? Erin and I are convinced that the boy must have been the great great grandson of George Washington. And he was seated in front of the camera holding a hatchet before he went outdoors and chopped down a Cherry tree to emulate his ancestor! Okay, don’t buy that story? Why would someone give this kid that implement of destruction to hold while he was seated comfortably to have a retaped sixth plate likeness created? The handsome lad was neatly groomed and very attentive while peering with those large brown eyes towards the camera. Unfortunately time has not been totally kind to the highly reflective curiosity! Human hands wiped the holographic surface in a couple places and even left fingerprints. Harsher scratches rake across his right leg. There are also mat scrapes and a few mold spiders. However, the piece is so unusual that Casey has made a new leather hinge on the very worn leather case. He convinced Erin and I that the previous scotch tape hinge was not appropriate. Daguerreian frosting is also prominent in the darkest areas.