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The Baby Blends In…


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There are naturally occurring very deep buff strokes, obvious mat abrasions, thin vertical wipes, blue solarization, spotty tarnish and kids that moved. So what I proclaim! This family sixth plate, taken circa 1846, was remarkable because the operator was able to cram the subjects all together in one likeness. The three central figures, represented by a very proud father, his amicable wife and their daughter were sharper focused then the three other children. The sex of the kid on the left is a tough call. Because the two oldest siblings were attached on either side of dad and leaned forward for the exposure a wonderful intimacy was created. It might have been in the maker’s mind or more likely, that portion of the pose just happened! The blue dots on the lad’s shirt are mesmerizing if you stare at the resealed portrait too long. Strength in numbers comes to mind. Because the source of illumination was high on the right and the reflector was low towards the left out of sight, mom and the babe received the best-balanced light. Father’s magnificent deeply tanned face was well rendered. The complete leather case has a warped cover and a faded red silk pad inside.