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Sixth Plate


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HOLDING HANDS! That was an obvious beginning for the young subjects’ archivally sealed sixth size portrait don’t you think? The gals were scrunched together in a small space. I believe their maker placed his camera as far away as possible just to fit them inside that brass mat. Consequently, he asked them to assume this rather odd but perfectly endearing pose. I love the addition of the tiny tinted bouquet of flowers. Both women looked directly at the lens. Bright light entered the room from almost directly behind the man when he exposed his well-polished silvered mirror that has fine depth and contrast. There are a couple teeny specks in the lady’s eye on the left and yes her face was slightly soft. Minor mat marks and the white dots are superfluous. The cover has disappeared from their leather case. Because the arrangement of their clasped hands was so different there is a wonderful immediacy in their likeness.