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Sixth Plate


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THE LEATHER CASE . . . is apart and extremely worn with lots of exposed wood on the cover. Bad news first and now that is over, I must tell you that the delightful damsel done in sixth size has a new archival seal. She eagerly sat before the camera of Mr. Willard when he worked at “Market St. AB 16th Philada” according to the imprint in the red plush pad. She was taken circa 1854. The youthful gal was posed in typical fashion. At the moment of truth she slightly parted her lovely lips revealing two teeth with a slight gap in between. Those hazel hued eyes careful examined the apparatus and probably the operator as the exposure was created. The elaborate lace coverlet she wore over her summery dress was pinned together with a decorative brooch. That might have been a slender hair bracelet on her arm with a tiny piece of jewelry attached that contained a dag of her beau. The actual portrait appears with great detail and depth that my scan simply can’t convey. Any flaws seen are totally inconsequential.