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The day the lady visited her maker, the interior of the room was chilly at best and maybe downright cold. That heavy bonnet lined with lace remained on the woman’s head. She used one gloved hand to snug that wonderful paisley wrap around her body and poked her other hand outside to secure the fabric. I wonder if the weather caused her to display such a wicked serious expression? Her ancient face was blasted by light from a window just out of our view on the right. Rather then a reflector, I think a smaller window on the opposite side of the subject let in enough light to soften the shadow on her face. The drop off of illumination is clearly visible across the bottom of the retaped sixth plate. There are a couple areas of teeny mat marks along with faint patina. The daguerreotype, kept in a complete leather case with a loose hinge has a delicate roses theme circa 1847. The surface can be considered pristine and the tonality changes as the woman is examined.