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Sixth Plate


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HER DRESS IS UP! Luther Hale, the maker of this interesting sixth plate of a little girl standing in the middle of an ornately carved, over stuffed couch, made excellent technical and mechanical preparations for this portrait, but at the last instant the child probably move and poof, up went her dress. Her resealed plate has all the ingredients that make an exceptional image. The contrast is outstanding, the focus is perfect, and the lighting superbly defines the wide-eyed Blondie who is wearing cunning, embroidered off the shoulder dress. Her lace slip and gray woolen socks are also visible along with black patent leather shoes. The surface has a ring of tarnish, mold growths scattered about and two very minor scratches near the bottom of the mat. Hale was a Boston daguerreotypist located at 109 Washington St. from 1846-1859. This piece dates from about 1855. The push button leather case has an urn filled with flowers and a broken hinge.