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Sixth Plate


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YIKES! Why were you so dour madam, sitting there for the daguerreotypist when he made your resealed sixth plate circa late 1845? Were you apprehensive because this was the first time you had been taken? Let me tell you from where I sit, your man did an excellent job. I see your metallic handbag under a white glove you chose to wear and that lovely hair bracelet that might have contained a tiny dag of your lover. Your costume was nicely displayed and only the brightest whites were slightly solarized. The portrait has great depth too and the original leather case is still complete. The single boldly pressed design of a leaf on the red pad inside compliments you. Tinting on your face and the tablecloth was a nice touch. Very tiny mat marks occurred later as did some mold mites and water stains. Your countenance still sparkles brightly in spite of your expression.