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Sixth Plate


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AN INK WELL? I suspect that object next to the lady?s heavily aged hand on the table might have been used when letters or documents were penned. While the subject?s clothes were certainly dark I doubt if she was in mourning. She was certainly a striking woman, aided in her reproduction by her positioning inside the sixth sized oval brass mat. Her body was slightly angled while her attractive face also had a wee bit of tilt to it. However, I am mostly attracted to her exquisite eyes that thoughtfully peered past the lens. The restored dag is in fine condition. There is a tiny scrape in the darkness of her dress and miniscule mat abrasions. Those few brown dots are so faint as to barely be identifiable. The deep depth was magnificent! She is part of a complete but worn wonderful leather case dating from circa 1846 when the daguerreotype was produced.