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Moving Child, Sixth Plate


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Although “Wolfert’s Roost” was the identification underneath the substantial house embossed on the cover of the family’s complete sixth sized leather case, daguerreian lore suggests that the home was actually modeled after Washington Irving’s abode situated on a bluff above the Hudson River. Delving further into the historical past revealed that Irving actually purchased a small homestead and enlarged it to the architectural gem, “Sunnyside”, seen today in Tarrytown, NY. The threesome here was composed with an artist’s sensibilities framed inside an oval brass mat. Both parents focused eyes towards places in the room beyond the plane of the camera’s position. Dad cradled their infant, clothed in a bright red dress with cleverly applied golden decorations down the front. The child moved while the lens was uncapped, causing father to also bob his head. Mother, whose pleasant, round face was framed by cascading coils of dark hair, sat still. The silver was buffed in both directions. Original oxidation encroaches upon the subjects. The contrast and reflected depth are very impressive. The reverse of the case had a circle in the center surrounded by leafy filigree.