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Sixth Plate


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A FRIENDLY FACE. This lady had lovely sparkling eyes and beautiful lips lightly pursed when she was placed on a sixth plate daguerreotype about 1849. After conservation her nearly pristine highly reflective visage is presented inside a ring of patina. Her pose was a bit of understated elegance. Especially with one shoulder partially hidden by that dark shawl while the other one was not covered at all. Pink was painted on her dress and freckled flesh. Oddly patterned mitts covered her hands. That was a large stone set into a brooch pinned to the woman?s collar. I know you all are waiting and wondering when I will address that woven headpiece. I can?t remember ever seeing a similar arrangement. Any thoughts friends? The leather case has a cloth hinge and a bright red silk pad opposite the confident client of an unknown daguerreian who was a master of his craft.