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Sixth Plate


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BOLD ATTIRE! Let there be no discussion readers. This woman wanted to be recognized when she walked out of the daguerreian?s studio and remembered forever after as a lady, who wasn?t afraid of mixing black and gray shades, highlighted with that audacious (and I bet wicked colorful) scarf and contrasting wide lace white collar. Her dark winter bonnet was embellished with flowers and ribbons. She parted her salt and pepper hair in the center before visiting the operator for her resealed sixth plate portrait. The subject?s full face was also distinct. I especially am impressed by her deep-set eyes that peered at me and past where I sit simultaneously. The holographic depth is astounding! The crisp focus was a complete revelation! Oxidation runs in every direction from inside the edges of the brass mat. There are mat scrapes on the right side of the image. Mold spiders and specks dot the silver. The cover of a leather case has disappeared.